What An Internship Can Offer You

Internships aren’t as popular as they once were prior to the 2000’s. Many college juniors/seniors don’t see them as beneficial like they once did. Several are opting out because honestly you still have internships that don’t pay. Or if they’re taking internships, it’s not in the field they genuinely want to work in. But the main questions the millennial age group are wanting to know is if they do an internship, what will they get from it?

You still have some where they just expect you to be an assistant or “do girl, do boy” and you don’t get any real experience (these really do exist still). However if you go to work for a company that will allow you shadow or work in the role you’d desire full-time, you’ll get a lot from it. Not only experience, that’s a given but you have the chance to network. You’ll meet so many people who really want to help you even after your internship is done. I know a lot of times people tell you to keep in contact and reach out when you need them but there are some that mean it.

You’ll have the opportunity to build a portfolio. That’s the equivalent of showing your work to future employers. Companies love experience but they also like to see what you’ve done. Anyone can tell what they’ve done but when they can see it, it goes a long way. You’ll have that. Most importantly, you may get offered a full-time position if you’re close to your graduation date. That’s a plus. That position you’re interning in may just be open and they’re just auditioning someone to fill it. You never know.

I also suggest checking for winter internships. There are some companies that have them. Just in case you don’t want to spend your summer in the office working. Be sure to inquire about what you’ll be doing specifically. See if they’ll even email your role to you so you know before you agree to take it. That way you have it in writing that what you accepted over the phone or in person is in writing. I know my first school stint I didn’t see many people doing internships but because of companies like T-Mobile, Google, Amazon and others have made them more beneficial and many paid. Definitely check into it before graduation to have a resume ready with “experience” that many jobs are requiring.


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