Day Four Get Ahead!

Day four was pretty easy going. I mastered all of the systems needed to complete my daily task. I also decided to get ahead of the game and start on a project for my internship. I had a lot of reading to do today. Read up on a few articles that will help me be successful in my future career in marketing. Not a lot today but I’m excited for my workload to pick up. I can tell in this role I’ll learn a lot! My team is extremely helpful and really eager to help me succeed. I can honestly say I’ve worked a lot of places and never had an entire team be concerned with my growth. It’s a nice feeling.

Intern Tip Four: Stay ahead of the game. If you know what the overall goal is for your internship or the main project they want you to work on, get ahead of them and start working towards it. That way when they bring it up you’re already on it.


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