Day Three FriYAY!

The week is over and I’m excited. It was a long week due to the fact I had a long travel day, work the next day and have been non-stop ever since. Day three was pretty serious for me. I had more of an opportunity to learn the systems I’d be working with for the next three months and get a few things accomplished on my own. It was a pretty slow day which because of the holiday weekend most attempted to get all of their work done yesterday. I’m excited that I learned smart sheet and kenexa today! I wanted to learn at least two systems before the new work week. I’m anxious about the upcoming week because I should get the real workload at this point! Definitely come back Tuesday (holiday Monday so we’re closed!) for another update!

Intern Tip Three: Your managers will have meetings with you daily when you first start and you want to not only take notes but you also want to pay attention to how they maneuver through the systems if you’re in the office with them. Since my team for the most part works remotely, I watched a lot of videos on the systems they told me I would use and I also created mock accounts for some of the systems so I can get hands on practice before I begin using everything for work. Don’t waste time because the first week or two you may not have a lot of work but it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your skill set before it matters.


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