Day Two: Learning the Culture

With day two I wanted to take the opportunity to examine the culture around me. I’m in a new state and everything is different! Good but different! It’s important to grasp an understanding (or attempt to) of the people who you’ll be working with because depending on how long your internship is you’ll be working with them a few months. You also want to get an understanding of the people outside of your work space. Today I was more observant of how people dressed and conversations that take place. I also paid more attention to how people work also. You know things like seeing if they prefer it to be quiet as they work or do they like to talk while they work.

You know how certain things seem super simple and somewhat common sense but it’s not… I work for this company already but in my office it’s extremely different. The atmosphere is more energized and noisy due to the need of making sure everyone is in a fun atmosphere due to the type of work we do. So for me coming to the corporate side I had to step back to see if the experience would be the same. Things I noticed is no one plays music throughout the day unlike in the call center it’s blasting normally. For the most part everyone is focused on their task and there’s not much talking outside of quick conversations then back to work.

With me being from the south, I tend to be really polite and friendly. I took time today to pay attention to what’s friendly to them and what may be strange to them. I naturally say thank you every time someone does something and I speak to you a million times if you walk by me out of habit. I also smile a lot which can be really creepy. That’s part of my culture but here people don’t operate that way and it’s nothing to take offense to because that’s not normal for them. I learned that recently in one of my classes that you can’t assume people are being rude considering some people will think you’re just overdoing it. So pay attention to everything that happens around you until you feel comfortable enough to say you understand it. Learn the culture of the company and also if you’re in another part of the world, like myself, pay attention to how people in passing interact. It’s important to be you but at the same time understand that they’re just being them too.

Intern Tip Day Two: If you’re in a new state, country or city explore their main attractions and also your surroundings. Find out where the grocery stores are, city transportation and restaurants. Research online and get out there (safely and daylight until you feel comfortable) and learn about your “temporary home”.


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