Intro and Day One!

First day outfit
Typical restroom picture! First day dress.

Interning is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in the field you desire to have a career in. I’m Jessica and I’m embarking on a new journey at the age of 29 as an intern. I work full time but for the summer my job is on hold while I participate in an internship with my company! Today was day one and as with any new opportunity, it was pretty exciting. I had the opportunity to meet the leadership team and also participate in a team builder with my new crew.

When I first got into the building there was a meet and greet. They had a breakfast bar and it was an opportunity to mingle with peers who would go through this journey with me. The leaders provided a quick tour of the building(s) and explained how to access anything within my limits. The first day is always your easiest day with any job. Lot of training, getting to know your coworkers and getting you accumulated before the work starts. I’m extremely excited about tomorrow as I’ll have the opportunity to sit in on meetings. So follow me on this journey as I live through it. I know there will be some exciting times that are rewarding and some will be challenging because a challenge is an opportunity for growth! Thank you for reading!

Intern Tip Day One: Never overdo your makeup or attire. Keep it simple. Your first day you want to see what the culture is like within the company. Ladies a nice dress, blouse, blazer or skirt set goes a long way. No super high heels because you may be subjected to a lot of walking! Men it’s pretty simple, a nice suit or button up shirt with a nice pair of slacks will make you look GQ ready! Don’t overdo on the makeup! Can’t stress it enough, you don’t want to be too “beat” with your face. Unless you’re working at Mac Cosmetics then go all out.

Image-1 (2)
First day dress. Wanted something light but bright since I work for the company I know it’s pretty relaxed but I still wanted a professional look.

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